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Tourist Place in Udaipur
Gulab Bagh (Rose Garden):
Sajjan Niwas Garden is the largest garden of Rajasthan, sprawled over 100 acres of land. During 1850's, Maharana Sajjan Singh took the initiative to built this beautiful garden. Sajjan Niwas Bagh is celebrated for its numerous varieties of roses. Due to abundance of rose flowers, this garden is also known as Gulab Bagh or Rose Garden. Situated right beneath the banks of Pichola Lake on Lake Palace Road, Gulab Bagh is an interesting park in the southeast of City Palace complex.
Jagdish Temple:
Jagdish Temple is one of the famous temples of Udaipur. Located in the City Palace complex of Udaipur, this temple is made in the Indo-Aryan style of architecture. In 1651, Jagdish temple was built by Maharana Jagat Singh, who ruled Udaipur during 1628-53. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Laxmi Narayan), the preserver of the Universe. It is celebrated for being the largest temple in the city of Udaipur. The gateway of this temple can be sited at a distance of 150 meters from the Bara Pol of the City Palace.
Ahar Museum:
The Ahar Museum is located in the Ahar city that is 3 kilometers away from Udaipur. The wide variety of exhibits in the museum offers a great experience to the tourists. They are able to get a close view of the rich history of the place. In fact, it will also reveal the rich culture and tradition of Rajasthan. The visit to the museum will be an enriching experience for sure as you will be able to witness the various items about which you have read in the pages of history.
Mahasatya, Ahar:
After Chittor was sacked for the last time (1568), Maharana UDAI SINGH II established his new capital 3 km. from Ahar, naming it Udaipur.
Today, Ahar is the Mewar royal family's mahasati (cremation site), which is near the museum. In 1615, Maharana AMAR SINGH I (1597-1620) was the first Maharana of Mewar ever to die in Udaipur. (His grandfather, Maharana UDAI SINGH II died in GOGUNDA, and his father, PRATAP SINGH I, died in CHAVAND).
Pratap Smarak (Memorial):
Maharana Pratap Memorial is a historic site that is dedicated to the gallant Maharana Pratap. Situated at the top of Moti Margi or Pearl Hill, the memorial overlooks the Fateh Sagar Lake. In Hindi, memorial is known as "smarak" and smarak is always made in the memory of loved ones. Maharana Pratap Memorial was constructed with the initiative taken by Maharana Bhagwat Singh Mewar with the help of a public trust.
Lake Fateh Sagar:
Udaipur tours are near incomplete without luxury tours to the manmade Fateh Sagar Lake located towards the north of the picturesque Lake Pichola. Fateh Sagar was dug during the reign of Maharana Jai Singh in the year 1678 though Maharaja Fateh Singhji reconstructed the water reservoir after heavy rains destroyed the Fateh Sagar Dam. Fateh Sagar is linked to the Rang Sagar Lake by a water canal.
Pichhola Lake:
Pichola Lake is one of the most beautiful and picturesque lakes of Rajasthan, India. Located in the heart of the city, Pichola Lake is the oldest and one of the largest lakes of Udaipur. In 1362, the beautiful lake was built by Pichhu Banjara during the ruling period of Maharana Lakha. Talking about the dimensions of Pichhola Lake, it is extended to 3 miles in length, 2 miles in width and has depth of 30 feet.
Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal:
Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum is one of the most famous museums of Udaipur, exhibiting the brilliant collection of folk articles of Rajasthan. This rare compilation varies from typical rural-dresses, ornaments, puppets, masks, dolls, folk musical instruments, folk deities and paintings. The museum is comfortably located in the building of Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal near Chetak Circle in Udaipur city.
Saheliyon Ki Bari:
Is a garden of the maids of honor. This beautiful garden has many fountains, delightful lotus pools, chiseled kiosks and elephants carved out in marble. Colorful flowers, shrubs and trees give a feel of a tour in heaven.
As per the legends, the garden was designed by the king himself and he presented this garden to his queen. Actually, the Queen was accompanied by 48 maids in her marriage. To offer all of them, pleasurable moments away from the political intrigues of the court, this garden was made. This patterned garden used to be the popular relaxing spot of the royal ladies.
Manikyalal Verma Park, Dudh Talai (Rock Garden):
This is a beautiful park located on the hill known as 'Machla Magra.The place is known for its sunset point. A small pond known as Dudh Talai is also situated down the hill. The place abounds in scenic beauty.The park is exemplary specimen of modern architecture art. While standing in the park one can view Jag Mandir, Lale Pichhola, City Palace and Udaipur city whcih look more attractive and charmful. There are steps constructed to reach to the garden, as well as a separate road for vehicles. On the top of the Machhla Magra, Karni Mata can also be seen. The idol of the Goddess is constructed in white stone.This park is developed by Nagar Parishad (Municipal Council) Udaipur.
Sajjangarh Fort & Wildlife Sanctuary (Monsoon Palace):
The 18th century Summer Resort or the Monsoon Palace of the Maharajas, Sajjangarh Fort Near Udaipur is set atop a hill overlooking the Fateh Sagar Lake. Built by its namesake Maharana Sajjan Singh in 1884, Sajjangarh Fort lies about 5 km to the west of Udaipur city in Rajasthan, India. One of the most beautiful Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan India, Sajjangarh is a must visit place on your tour to Rajasthan.
City Palace:
This palace attracts thousands of visitors every day. It is the largest palace complex in Rajasthan providing a picturesque view over the lake and the city from the balconies and terraces. Several palaces and structures are constructed within the same vicinity like Dilkhush Mahal, the Krishna Vilas and Moti
Mahal . All these are decorated elaborately. An impressive Mor Chowk or Peacock Courtyard, has its walls covered with a splendid glass mosaic relief of dancing peacocks and is an eminent feature of the palace. The Manak Mahal is very imposing with sophisticated rich mirrors and colored glasses on its ceilings, walls and floors. Chini Chitrashala has a collection of Chinese Porcelain. A ticketed 'Mewar Light & Sound Show' is hosted every evening.

Bagore Ki Haveli:
Stands tall at the Gangori Ghat on the banks of the astounding Lake Pichola, constructed by Amir Chand Badwa, the Prime Minister at the Mewar royal court during his time. Museum at the Haveli showcases wide variety of royal objects like hookahs, nutcrackers, jewelry boxes, rose water sprinklers, hand fans etc. Glass and mirror work and Mewar Painting on the walls of Queen's Chamber in the interiors of the Haveli are magnificent. The two peacocks made from small pieces of colored glasswork are gorgeous.
Nehru Park:
Nehru Garden in Udaipur is beautiful attractive Garden, constructed in an Island at the heart of Fateh Sagar Lake. This enchanting Park can be reached by a pleasant boating from one side of the Fateh Sagar Lake. The park, established in a lawn of about 4.5 acres in spread, encloses many distinct water fountains resembling those in Brindavan Gardens of Mysore. The fountains are of channel type and Pyramid shaped. A floating restaurant, in a boat shape is an added attraction here, located in the north west of the garden.
Sukhadia Circle:
Sukhadia Circle, also known as Sukhadia square, is a majestic turn around in Panchwati, the Udaipur city’s northern suburb. It is a popular landmark in Udaipur and provides a beautiful view with the illumination of lights.This square, opened in 1970, has a magnificent three tiered fountain in the center and a structure representing the prosperity. This place is used as a evening relaxation place with beautiful gardens and a nice pond.
Shilpgram (Artisan's Village):
“Craftsmen's Village”. It’s an ethnic joint where the art & culture of various states meet to create and exchange craftsmanship. Terracotta work mainly in dark red and dark brown sand material,the wooden carvings and traditional Indian weaves can be bought from here. The festival is run in December. Camel rides, local musician and dancers perform for entertainment.